Inter Island transport

In May 2021, British Royal Mail launched the first trial of autonomous, Beyond-Visual-Line-Of-Sight (BVLOS) drone flights between the UK mainland and the Isle of Scilly, delivering Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), COVID testing kits and other mail. We are ready to deploy our cargo drones for inter-island transport.

Open Pit Mine Logistics

Across the mining industry, drones are demonstrating exceptional results by enabling much greater data collection, enhancing safety and improving productivity. Specifically designed to fly industrial missions, our cargo drones enable new ways to do airborne tasks such as automating cargo transport, delivering critical supplies, and reaching difficult places with medicine, tools, and parts.

For more on how drones are making mining safer and increasing productivity, read here.

Remote oil & gas logistics

Drones deliver critical supplies to remote oil and gas operations. In addition to other duties that were previously carried out by helicopter – dramatically reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

Norway led the way in 2020 with the world’s first offshore drone delivery from Mongstad, Norway, to a platform 100 km away. Our drone transport solutions can carry payloads of 50lbs/23kg, fly 100mi/160 km, a speed of 60mph/97kmh, and endurance of 90mins. Their robust design makes them the ideal choice for any remote oil or gas operation.

Public Safety

Drones have the potential to dramatically improve and expand law enforcement and firefighting capabilities. Uses go from surveying active fire hotspots to delivering supplies, drones are tools government agencies can use to aid public safety.

We expect drone adoption within public safety globally to accelerate once regulatory concerns are addressed, and our pilot programs are an important step in that direction.

Emergency Response

We have developed and demonstrated Drone Enabled Emergency Response solutions that we continue to develop and commercialize. For the demonstration, we used DJI Matrices 300, and as the solution evolves we will include heavier payloads, longer endurance, and all-weather drone platforms suited to the individual needs of the customer. The solution includes droneports, similar to the HIVE droneport which is available for continuous autonomous remote operations.

You can check out our latest demonstration here.


Volatus is working on remote autonomous Beyond-Visual-Of-Site operations and customizing solutions for multiple use cases.

Through our partnership withVolatus Aerospace, we are ensuring that the First Nations communities we partner with in Canada retain the commercial and training benefits of drone technology.

Solving the middle mile

We are living in a 21st century world, so why is it our supply chain is still run by 20th century logistics practices?

Recent events spurred by the impact of the pandemic has exposed major weaknesses in our global supply chain that has had life-altering consequences. Seeking to address these issues, Volatus Aerospace is bringing together innovative cargo solutions that will build a more robust and resilient supply chain. Our recent purchase of the Natilus N3.8T will usher in a much-needed change in middle mile logistics. The N3.8T is the first in a family of autonomous freight aircraft designed to innovate the middle mile cargo market. Capable of carrying 4.3 metric tons of cargo—the equivalent of 7 LD3-45 shipping containers—the N3.8T is designed to reduce costs and maximize volume capacity by 60% and lower carbon emissions by 50% per pound. The remotely piloted, twin-engine turboprop has already received government approval to operate, which means it can be put to work today.

Learn more about this solution here.