Camps for Youth aged 11 to 17

For teens of all experience levels interested in robotics, drones, coding, technology, AI, entrepreneurship, engineering, business

Your STEM career starts here. Fire up your future with our youth drone camp that will introduce you to drones, pilot mastery, drone racing, drone photography, video knowledge, and coding with drones.

Beginner or advanced, build your self-esteem and self-confidence while taking your coding and engineering skills to the next level in a safe, positive, encouraging, and friendly environment.

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Module #1

Introduction to Drones

What you will learn:

- Drone Industry 5W's (Who, What, When, Why)
- What is a drone?
- Drone Safety and Communication Must-Knows
- Get to know your drone and controller
- Flight checklists, you're a pilot now!
- Drone terms and definitions

Module #2

Piloting Mastery

What will you learn?

- Drone laws and what you can't do!
- Pilot skills upgrade
- What is a First Person View (FBV)? Now you're doing it!
- Flying a drone in a team

Module #3

Drone Racing

What will you learn?

- History of drone racing
- Skill challenges
- Course design and how to make one
- Time trials - who is the fastest?
- Drone races

Module #4

Drone Photography & Video

What will you learn?

- Basics of photography
- Basics of videography
- Principles of photogrammetry and geotagging

Module #5

Coding with Drones

What will you learn?

- What is coding
- Programming languages
- Block coding
- DroneBlocks App
- Mission set
- Problem solving coding challenge, part 1 and 2

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