We are developing the full potential of Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (“RPAS”) throughout Canadian First Nations communities by providing training, equipment, data sovereignty, and all related services and skills.

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We are dedicated to building a robust RPAS industry that is owned by the people it serves. In remote communities that are often isolated when ice roads melt, this is a critical mission. It’s also vital that we engage and develop our youth.



1.67 million people in Canada (4.9%) self-identified as an Indigenous person in Canada’s 2016 Census of Population. Indigenous peoples are the fastest-growing population in Canada, with a population that grew by 42.5% between 2006 and 2016. Indigenous peoples are also the youngest population in Canada: about 44% were under 25 in 2016, compared to 28% of the non-Indigenous population. The remote nature and young population provide a unique opportunity to build UAV skills, businesses and employment.


“Through our partnership, we hope to create sustainable growth, gainful employment and a national appreciation of how Indigenous-owned and operated businesses and employees can contribute to the economy. First Nations communities present exciting opportunities for sustainable RPAS businesses. Drone capabilities have a significant role to play throughout First Nations communities because of our remote geographies. High tech skills in an industry of rapid growth will contribute to a prosperous Indigenous economy.”

– Jacob Taylor


Indigenous people in Canada want to own their future, and that future is going to include drones. By partnering with Volatus Aerospace, we can deliver training to First Nations community members empowering those communities to benefit directly from UAV technology.

Volatus Aerospace is a leader in North America’s RPAS industry and is lending its expertise in:

  • All aspects of the “Drone Services Provider” segment of the RPAS Industry
  • Commercial Equipment Sales and Maintenance
  • Industrial & Cargo UAV Solutions
  • Building, managing and deploying Remote Pilot Networks
  • Pilot training, including data management, technical and operations skills
  • Design, Manufacturing and R&D of UAV systems/solutions